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Meal Accommodations

Participating in meals is an essential part of living in a Row house, and Kitchen Managers make every effort to accommodate residents' needs and preferences in order to ensure that residents can and do participate in meals.

We encourage students to contact their Kitchen Manager to talk about their dietary needs and preferences as soon as possible. Kitchen Managers are trained to facilitate the interactions necessary to make sure residents are accommodated, whether that is with student cook crews or professional kitchen staff. In certain cases in self-op houses, students might be directed to communicate directly with the chef; we highly encourage students to do so! Chefs love working directly with students on meal planning.

However, we also realize our system has limitations, and thus we have a policy which allows for students with religious or medical needs that cannot be met with a good faith effort by all parties to arrange alternate dining accommodations. In all other cases, we encourage students to work within the community to address issues or to apply for reassignment to a community that better suits their preferences.

If you have found conversations with your Kitchen Manager about your dietary needs and preferences to be unproductive, please reach out directly to the Row Meals Support Team. They will work with you and your Kitchen Manager to address your concerns.

Medical or Religious Accommodations

It is an expectation that all students regardless of need will first make a good faith effort to work with his or her Kitchen Manager, and if relevant chef, to attempt to be accommodated within house. In cases of documented medical or religious need that cannot be reasonably accommodated within the house, students may request either a reassignment to another residence, or a board bill reduction in order to purchase meals elsewhere. All but the Housing portion of the board bill may be refunded; once a reduction is granted, this amount is credited to the student bill. 

Row houses can accommodate a wide range of diets, including vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free, among others, and will make every reasonable effort to do so prior to the granting of a board bill reduction.

If you have questions regarding whether your diet can be accommodated, or if you have a need you feel isn't being accommodated, please first reach out to your Kitchen Manager. If you find that unproductive, you may contact the Row Meals Support Team, and they will work with you to address your situation.