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ELF-related graphic featuring an image of students in a pile of leaves within a Polaroid style Frame with the phrase "It's easier than ever to make your idea a reality" below.

ResEd Experiential Learning Funds exist to foster vibrant, creative and challenging programs in residences. 

Step 1: Craft an Idea for a Program That Is...


ResEd Experiential Learning Funds values programs that are inspired by your passions and academic interests or that showcase cultural or diverse perspectives. 

What are some passions, interests or intellectual questions that you want to explore with your community? How might you integrate an educational talk, workshop, or intellectual conversation into your program or event? Who would be the ideal person to facilitate? (Local expert, faculty member, passionate resident?) 


ResEd Experiential Learning Funds values original and creative ideas, and programs that haven’t been done before (or are being done or thought of in a different way).

How does your idea create a unique experience for your community? How might your idea be different from other ideas?


ResEd Experiential Learning Funds strives to impact as many students as possible and values programs that are considerate of audience and encourage participation.

How does your program ensure that as many people as possible have an opportunity to participate? If you are asking for student copays, how are you ensuring that isnt a barrier to participation? We recommend that copays be kept within the $5-20 range.

Need some help brainstorming? Click here for examples of past programs. 

STEP 2: Connect with Your Local ResEd Staff for 1:1 Support and Program Advising

Your local Community Coordinator is a wealth of knowledge about the Experiential Learning Funds process & program creation!  

They are here to help you brainstorm ideas, move forward with your concept,  walk through logistical considerations, and generally make your program & grant application as successful as possible. 

STEP 3: Submit Common Application!

ResEd Experiential Learning Funds has made it easier than ever to apply for funding with a new Common Application. That’s right! Four Grants, One Application.  A copy of the application may be found by clicking the following link:

Application Button Link