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Image of Ujamaa from the outside

House Description

Location: West Campus, part of Lagunita Court (Map showing Ujamaa)

As one of four Ethnic theme houses on Stanford’s Campus, Ujamaa serves as a residential space where students of all backgrounds can come to explore Black Culture and heritage. Ujamaa, which means "family hood"  in Swahili, is located within Lagunita Court on the West Side of Stanford’s campus. The house is a coed dorm that includes Freshmen as well as upper classmen. Ujamaa, or Uj as it is known by many, serves both as a housing complex and as a center for black community development and engagement on campus.

In describing the Ujamaa community, it is important to understand that the dorm is not just a hub for black people. It is a social community, known for its friendly, open atmosphere. People from all backgrounds, experiences, and interests make Ujamaa their home. While a great deal of the educational programming that occurs in the dorm centers around issues impacting Black Culture and Black communities, the dorm is in no way centered exclusively on the experience of black students. The purpose of Ujamaa house is to serve as a residential center on campus where students can learn about and engage in personal and group discovery around issues of identity development, race, class, and gender, and social norms.  From the Resident Fellow, down through the Student Staff, and culminating with the residents of Uj, exists a passion for learning and a willingness to explore and accept difference that is truly unique at Stanford.

Resident Fellow: Jan Barker Alexander

Image of Jan outdoors

Dear Applicant: I am so excited that you are applying to be a part of our vibrant community in Ujamaa.

As an Ujamaa Scholar, you are the foundation of our program that not only educates but creates a safe space for residents to explore topics that are not a part of their academic journey.

We are proud of this long tradition of intellectual engagement around the African Diaspora and look forward to you being a part of what makes Ujamaa special!

Sincerely: Jan Barker Alexander, Resident Fellow, Ujamaa House

Community Information

Residence Type: Four class dorm (part of Lagunita Court)

House Size: 80 residents

Room Types:

  • Singles
  • One Room Doubles

How Rooms Are Assigned

Ujamaa Scholars all receive singles. The exact room is picked through the in-house draw.

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to Ujamaa will REQUIRE the use of a TIER THREE housing choice.

Additional Requirements

In addition to completing the required university pre-assignment application, students who would like to be considered for the house must complete and submit an Ujamaa Scholars Theme Proposal . You can find sample proposals at the following:

The Ujamaa Scholars Program is designed to continue a long history of intellectual discourse focused on the African Diaspora in Ujamaa House. This program is a foundational component to the Ujamaa community and allows residents to share and dialogue on issues important to them and those around them. As an Ujamaa Scholar, you will be responsible for presenting a program that explores a topic of your choice that exposes residents to issues related to the Black experience. Your program is expected to be one hour, which includes a question and answer session.

Requirements for Residents of Ujamaa

If assigned as an Ujamaa Scholar you will be required to:

  1. Present a program that explores a topic of your choice that exposes residents to issues related to the Black experience. Your program is expected to be one hour, including a final question and answer period.
  2. Attend a one hour meeting this spring quarter, a fall quarter welcome reception/dinner.
  3. Attend at minimum four theme programs per quarter.

Student Staff

  • 5 Resident Assistants
  • 3 Ethnic Theme Associates
  • 1 Peer Health Educator
  • 1 Resident Computing Consultant

More Information