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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Campus scenes. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Who We Are

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Residential Education can be described in many different ways.  However, the most important thing to remember is that Residential Education is about the people it serves! From providing programming in the residences to community engagement, ResEd oversees a myriad of opportunities for both the student body, as well as for the professional university staff by bringing both groups together to engage in the development of intellectual, educational and community building policies, programs, and activities.

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Cheryl Brown with house staff.
 Esmerelda Reyes of Brooklyn, NY chats with Brandon Avendano of Las Vegas while waiting to check-in and drop their luggage for the weekend. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

The Work of ResEd

Our work seeks to provide every student the opportunity to engage and challenge themselves in a way that is unique to them whether that is through facilitating the process to become a member of a theme community, creating a selection process or trainings that seek to help both our applicants and our appointed team members grow and develop skills they can take with them after they leave the farm, providing space for the creation and engagement in the arts, or simply providing the support network and resources students need to navigate their time at Stanford.

ResEd strives to provide the undergrads on campus with a community experience within our larger research "university bubble" by bringing together the conviction that living and learning are integrated and integral as a part of the undergraduate educational experience at Stanford University.

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We are concerned with the experience of individual residents and how to best serve each of them given the diversity and complexity of each experience.

 Many Stanford students came out to show their support to the champions on their day of celebration. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Diversity Commitment

Residential Education commits to create and maintain an inclusive community that promotes critical inquiry and exploration while celebrating identity and difference.

ResEd Professional Staff.

Professional Staff

Our professional staff are the main drivers of ResEd initiatives and programs. We are focused on providing the space and support for all of our residents to have a meaningful experience on The Farm. As a department we value learning and exploration as we seek to provide our students with a myriad of learning opportunities, that can vary from learning to write a play or cultivating life skills in a variety of workshops and community building exercises all the way to interviewing a world leader.