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Photograph of student staff taking part in training together in JPG format.

Selecting Positions & Houses

Depending on your interests and experience, you may choose to apply for multiple positions in multiple houses. Keep in mind the following: . You can apply to a maximum of 15 positions. (The term “position” refers to the combination of both a specific house AND role associated within it.) . Of those 15 positions, only 8 can be in all-frosh houses (meaning this limit does not apply to four class or FroSoCo houses). . All applicants will complete a general application in addition to any extra house-specific supplemental questions. Be sure to complete your application in full, including any and all additional questions, for it to be considered. Position selection is different from ranking your position and house preferences, which happens later in the process after interviews have concluded. Applicants will not be placed in positions/houses for which they did not apply or otherwise showcase. . As you interview throughout the process, you might learn about a role that might better fit your interests. If you want to add that role to your application list, you can do so at this form. Please keep in mind that you can only submit this form if you applied to less than 15 positions. Note that you may not remove any positions you have already submitted originally.

Requesting Recommendations

Recommendations are a helpful tool in showcasing your skills and personality to Resident Fellows (if you are only applying to Row houses, recommendations are not necessary). Though recommendations are optional, many houses will prioritize applications with recommendations over ones without them. Many houses have specified their preferences on their individual house pages. It is especially helpful to request recommendations if this is your first year applying to staff, or if you are a returning staff member applying to a different house (previously submitted recommendations do not carry over from last year). We advise choosing recommenders who best understand your skill set and how it relates to the position(s) for which you are applying. For this reason, we suggest asking current or former Stanford faculty or staff to serve as recommenders. Recommendations from the Resident Fellows or student staff in your current or former residence are generally valued most highly since they have already seen you in a residential context and have an intimate understanding of exactly what qualities a prospective staff member should possess.

The following is the text that is included on the recommendation form that is sent to recommenders when you fill out your application. Feel free to share this with your recommenders in advance; however, please note that they should not respond with their answers to these prompts until they receive the system-generated recommendation request.

“Residential student staff are undergraduate students who live in University residences and help cultivate learning environments that contribute to residents' academic progress and success and personal growth, and to the building of healthy and vital communities. Residential student staff are expected to work as members of a staff team to promote the intellectual life of the house; to create opportunities for students to clarify their interests, values, and attitudes; to provide personal and academic counseling and referral; to know and explain University policies; to be available to students; and to guide residents in assuming responsibility for their personal and communal lives.

Please comment on the applicant's personal qualities in relation to the staff's responsibilities in the residences. Recommendations which best serve the candidate include specific examples and describe the person in realistic terms. Please explain what makes this applicant stand out and/or explain any reservations you may have about the applicant.”

Residential Staff Re-Appointments

Students who have staffed in a residence previously, regardless of location, are welcome to apply again. Returning staff applicants must still complete the application in full and interview for the position as specified by the Resident Fellow or Row Management staff for the house in which they have applied.

  • If a current student staff member applies for a staff position in the same residence, they will not be permitted to participate in any aspect of the Selection process (e.g., reviewing applications, interviewing applicants, etc.) for that house. Please note this is a change from previous policies.

Apply Online

To apply, complete and submit the application online