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Photograph of student staff together at campus opening in JPG format.

After interviews have concluded, you must submit your ranked list of position and house preferences in SAASThis is where you indicate the houses and specific positions in which you are most interested, in ranked order. The ranking process exists for all appointments. It is important to understand the way that The Match works to best prepare how to submit your ranked list. Please be sure to watch the video and ask any questions you have about The Match, unofficial offers, or other concerns you may have with the Selection team by reporting it in this form or contacting us at

Things to Consider

Ask yourself the following questions before completing your ranked list:

  • Would I truly be happy staffing in this house?
  • Do I know everything I need to know in order to make a well-informed decision?
  • Do my values align with those of the house?
  • What sort of culture or programs does each house care about for their community? Is it the same as the kind of dorm environment that I want to build?
  • Is this a place where I can see myself learning and developing?

You should list only positions/houses you would commit to working in. DO NOT list positions/houses that you absolutely would not want to work in. If you are placed in a position/house, you will receive only that one placement; if you withdraw from that placement for any reason you will be ineligible to staff in any residence. This is why it is essential that you only rank positions/houses you can commit to.

The Match

ResEd uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm to create the most stable match between applicant and position/house. You can learn more about the match process by watching this short videoFor more about using The Match rather than unofficial offers, check out this past Daily article about an example of a house who chose to stop providing unofficial offers.