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Photograph of students together with staff on a house trip in jPEG format.

Before you apply, there are several things you can do to prepare. Please use the time between now and the application deadline to explore what it means to be a member of house staff. Also be sure to check out the individual house webpages you are most interested in.

Ask Around

Speak with your Resident Fellows, student staff, and ResEd professional staff. Ask them about the residential student staff experience, the houses in which they work, and the various positions in each house.

Confirm your Eligibility

Below are the general eligibility requirements for residential student staff appointments.

Appointed Staff Members Must:

  • Have at least one year of guaranteed undergraduate housing remaining at the time of application for the residential student staff role.
  • Be a junior or senior at the time of appointment to the residential student staff role. Applicants are not required to have spent a full year at Stanford prior to applying (transfer students may apply).
  • Be a registered student and enrolled in classes at Stanford in all three quarters of their appointment (student staff who have applied for graduation at the end of Winter Quarter may remain in assigned residence without being registered for Spring Quarter classes).
  • Remain in good academic standing. Incompletes must be completed before the start of the appointment in September. If a residential student staff member is placed on probation, provisional registration, or suspension during the appointment, this can be grounds for termination.
  • Be eligible to receive stipend payments associated with appointment, or be willing to forgo stipend (this may apply in particular to student athletes on full athletic scholarships).
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident, or in a visa status appropriate to receive payments from a United States source. Student staff are responsible for understanding how their visa status in the United States impacts their ability to work in the United States, and any restrictions to which they may be subject.

Review the Application Questions

If you would like to review the general application questions and prepare your responses before the application opens, a link to the questions for all residential positions is posted below.  Please note that the PDF document below is NOT the actual application.

Review the Expectations of Student Staff

Please take time to review the expectations of all student staff as well as the position specific addendums for each role you are interested in. These expectations, as well as other commitments you should be aware of before applying for a staff role, can be found on the Confirming Your Placement page.